Electrical Units Notation

Electrical units follow the notation of other scientific units.  The unit name is never capitalized, even if it is named after a person.  However, the abbreviation IS capitalized IF it is named after a person. 

I may refer to a coulomb in lower case.  However, when I am abbreviating the unit, I should use upper case, if I use the abbreviation for a coulomb (C).

I may write something like this:

The charge on the capacitor was 1.6 C.


The charge on the capacitor was 1.6 coulombs.

Both are correct.

So is this:

The coulomb was named after Coulomb and its unit symbol is C.

Most electrical units are named after people:

Unit Abbreviation Named After
coulomb C Charles-Augustin de Coulomb
volt V Allesandro Volta
ampere A André-Marie Ampère
ohm Ω Georg Ohm
farad F Michael Faraday
watt W James Watt
joule J James Prescott Joule
seimens S Ernst Werner von Seimens
hertz Hz Heinrich Hertz
tesla T Nikola Tesla
weber Wb Wilhelm Eduard Weber
henry H Joseph Henry
maxwell Mx James Clerk Maxwell
gauss G or Gs Carl Friedrich Gauss
meter m NO ONE
second s NO ONE
newton N Isaac Newton

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